Meet Carmen Mackey

Carmen Mackey is the owner of Carmen Mackey Designs and Decorating Den Interiors. Her 12+ years in the design industry makes her competitive in making a truly unique and stunning space for each one of her clients. Carmen studied interior design at the Art Institute of Cincinnati and has an associate’s degree in the Art of Interior Design.

She proudly won the top design in her graduating class, which demonstrated the quality of her knowledge and skills, as well as showcased her outstanding talents. Soon after school, Carmen dove headfirst into doing multiple internships and working for top interior design firms until she decided to establish Carmen Mackey Designs in 2017. She loves taking on the challenge of every design style and staying in the loop on current design trends.

Based in Cincinnati, Carmen’s clients love her “out of the box” ideas and fresh perspective. She enjoys looking at every project from all angles to ensure she brings you something truly one of a kind.

Carmen Mackey Designs prides itself on giving every client a wonderful and unique experience, as well as always continuing to learn and adapt to what our clients need from us while providing top-quality customer service.

Owner Headshot