Professional Coastal Interior Designer

If you love taking a stroll in the sand and can’t imagine a summer without spending some time by the salty sea, the coastal design style is perfect for you. When it comes to this design style, there are a variety of themes inspired by the many types of coastal towns across the world.  Whether you’re looking for a New England saltbox look or a tropical Belizean cottage, Carmen Mackey with Decorating Den Interiors can help you design a home that aligns with your coastal vision.

Coastal design can be used in any home, regardless of its proximity to the coastline. This design style works best when it evokes the sense of a coastal town, instead of overwhelming the senses with beach-themed decor.

Characteristics of Coastal Design Include:

  • Colors. Crisp, clean colors help to open a space and give it a vibrant, coastal vibe. Pure white and it’s neutral counterparts pair well with pastel shades found in nature, from the dusty pinks of sunset to the bright blues of the shoreline. Use these hues on walls, in accessories, and throughout furnishings in your coastal design.
  • Lighting. Light is the single most important design element in the coastal design style. Coastal interiors blur the lines, making it difficult to tell where the outdoors stop and the indoors begin. Think vast doorways, plenty of windows, and skylights that allow plenty of light in. If you’re in a space that doesn’t allow for a ton of natural light, make up for it with decorative lamps and wall sconces.

Whether you live by the sea or you want to bring the shore a bit closer to home, contact Carmen Mackey with Decorating Den Interiors today at (513) 386-7507 to bring the beauty of coastal design into your home.

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Coastal Interior Decorator

Coastal Interior Decorator