How to make your teen’s room look more mature

As kids grow older, their tastes change. They start to like different music, new styles of clothing. With maturity comes a need to mix things up, specifically in a way that mimics their evolving likes, wants, and needs.

Revamping their bedroom design and decor is the perfect opportunity to embrace this change in life, giving them a place to relax and retreat after a long day. Teens crave a space that not only looks great but makes them feel comfortable too. After all, do you really think your teen is still into the bright walls and decals of their favorite cartoon characters?

Making your teen’s room look more mature doesn’t have to involve a construction zone on the top level of your home. With a few simple tips and tricks, you can make the necessary arrangements to get this room to the place it needs to be.

1. Start with the foundation
The wall color and carpeting may be the biggest features holding the room back from growing up with your teenager. We recommend going with a neutral tone, such as off-white or light gray, and speaking with color through the accessories and details.

If you want to keep the original carpeting but still feel like the flooring is in need of a change, add an area rug. You can put a large one under the bed, or add a small carpet to the foot of the bed or near another seating arrangement in the room.


An area rug can bring a new vibe to the room.An area rug can bring a new vibe to the room.

2. Create a study or hobby space
While we recommend that the bedroom space remains free of distraction for adults, teens are still kids at heart who do more in their bedrooms than sleep. Creating a small space they can retreat to for fun, such as a book nook, vanity or desk for studying and homework, will be utilized often. Think of it as an upgraded activity table, if you will.

3. Upgrade the bed
Now that you have a teenager in the house, it may be a good time to think about retiring the twin bed. This will automatically add maturity to the room,  and you can also invest in a new headboard to seal the deal.

4. Let your teen accessorize
While your teenager should be present for the entire project, be sure to let them take the reins when it comes to all of the final touches. Wall art, lighting, window treatments and tabletop accessories will bring the room together and give your teen the satisfaction of a complete space.

Let your teen take care of the finishing details.Let your teen take care of the finishing details.


5. Let Carmen Mackey Designs in on the project
Even the simplest changes can feel like a heavyweight task if you don’t have a lot of interior decorating experience. If you and your teen are ready to make some changes but you’re not sure where to get started, call Carmen Mackey Designs Interiors.

One of our experienced design consultants will come to your home for a complimentary consultation. At this time, your decorator will evaluate the living space, get to know your teen’s personal style, and ask any questions you may have about the design process.

From there, you can collaborate back and forth throughout the project to ensure everyone is on the same page. If you’re planning a surprise redesign for your teenager, just be sure to provide as much information as possible to the design consultant so the end result isn’t only something you love, but something that your teen adores as well.

Ready to get started? Contact Carmen Mackey Designs Interiors today to get the project in motion.

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