Is Your Guest Bathroom Ready For The Holidays?

The holiday season is finally here, which means plenty of family, friends, and even unexpected visitors stopping by to spread some cheer. Is your guest bathroom ready? Second only to the kitchen, your guest bathroom is one of the most frequented places in your home when you have guests over. As such, you’ll want your bathroom in tip-top shape for all of your guests. Here’s how to transform your everyday powder room into a fun and festive latrine.

Swap out accessories. Replace the hand towels you leave out on a regular basis with their festively printed counterparts. Set a decorative towel on the edge of the sink that features the holiday you celebrate in your home. In larger guest bathrooms, arrange seasonally colored bath towels on the shelves or towel racks you have installed. No matter what holiday you’re celebrating this year, swapping out your everyday towels with more festive options is a simple way to bring the holiday season into your powder room.

Minimize any clutter. On any given day, your powder room might feature an overflowing trashcan, scattered toiletries, and stacks of magazines and various other reading materials. For the holidays, maintain order in your powder room by freeing it of clutter. You want your guests to feel comfortable anywhere in your home, including the bathroom!

Spruce up with spruce. Hang a decorative wreath on the bathroom door or the blank wall space above the toilet for a festive pop of holiday cheer. If your bathroom features a window, use a small swag filled with holly berries to dress up the sill. To help live winter greens last all season long, spruce them with water daily so that they retain moisture and continue giving off that holiday scent.

Play around with silver and gold. Most often, homeowners often go straight for the red and green décor during the holiday season, pushing the classic color combo of silver and gold to the side. These colors can work wonders in your bathroom during the holidays and throughout the rest of the year! Something as simple as a hardware upgrade can make all the difference to your bathroom this holiday season. Simply swap your current hardware with silver, gold, or chrome ones – it’s one of the easiest ways embrace this time of year.

Stock up. There’s nothing worse than running out of toilet paper or hand soap when you have guests over. Maintain a stock of toilet paper under the sink or in a decorative display next to the toilet so that your guests always have access to more should they need it. Keep a stock of hand soap in a linen closet or laundry room, leaving one or two bottles under the sink for easy access. You’ll always want these two items on hand!

Dress up the sink or back of the toilet. With a simple floral arrangement, it’s easy to add some festive decor to your powder room. Head to your local craft store and purchase faux winter jasmine, calendula, or poinsettia flowers to make an arrangement. Using a decorative jar, place the floral beauty on your vanity-top to freshen the look and feel of your powder room.

When it comes to making your powder room festive, you don’t have to go over the top. A few simple decorative accents will bring any bathroom to life this holiday season. For more festive decorating tips, contact Carmen Mackey today.

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