Simple Entryway Updates

Your entryway is the space that welcomes your friends and family into your home. As such, it should be an open area free of your family’s clutter that invites people in through the use of color, wall décor, and lighting. Discover the best updates to make the most of your home’s entryway.

  • Use a vibrant color on the walls. When it comes to wall color, you can get creative in your entryway! Because these spaces are usually fairly small, using a vibrant color won’t be too overwhelming. Warm, bright colors like auburn or ruby work wonders in an entryway, beckoning guests inside. If you prefer cool tones, opt for a rich navy or olive. Pair the walls with muted furnishings in whitewashed finishes for a clean, put-together look.
  • Add a runner. Incorporating a carpet runner in your entryway design serves two purposes. For starters, it draws your guests into the home, bringing the eye from the front door into the next space in your house. Second, it serves as a catch-all for any dirt and debris that may be present on your guests’ shoes. This is especially helpful on rainy days! To avoid a cluttered feel, keep the runner clear of any furniture and back far enough so that the door can open and close freely. If you’re worried about having to keep the runner clean, you can always paint one on the surface of the floor.
  • Create an eye-catching gallery wall. Styling your photos, mirrors, and wall art into a gallery wall is all the rage right now in home design. Showcase family portraits, vacation keepsakes, or your favorite works of art in a creative arrangement in your entryway. Use images in a variety of sizes and frame styles to create interest. If you have an affinity for ornamental mirrors or another particular type of décor, fill the gallery wall with your favorites.
  • Play with natural light. If your front door features any kind of window that allows natural light to pour in, incorporate a mirror into your entryway design that will catch it. This is a quick fix to brighten darker hallways and a simple way to make the space feel warmer and brighter. Mirrors are also a great way to create the illusion of extra space in your foyer. Use a mirror proportional to the area – too big or too small can work against opening the space.
  • Create a catch-all space. Whether it’s a coat hanger for jackets, purses, and schoolbags or a bench with cubbies to stow cleats and rain boots, having extra storage space in your entryway will help prevent clutter from spilling over into the rest of your home. To keep this area organized, assign each family member a hook, bin, or rack to store their everyday items.

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